A Deserted Island for Some Reason

Episode 10

Anime Puchim@s
Ending Theme Thank You Yesterdays
Air Date January 14, 2013
Previous Episode Puchim@s Episode 9: A Good Friend
Next Episode Puchim@s Episode 11: Madly in Love

A Deserted Island for Some Reason is the tenth episode of Puchim@s which aired on January 14, 2013.

Episode PlotEdit

The episode begins with Iori Minase greeting the viewers from... a deserted island to her dismay. We go back to when Yayoi Takatsuki dragged her to the island in a burlap sack against her will. She whines as she wants to go home. The Producer says they should enjoy the island and themselves but Iori says he is too into it and calls him "stupid Producer". Later, Yayoi catches a fish and brings it back to land. The Producer is impressed at Yayoi's progress. Iori builds a house and bangs her thumb. The Producer thinks this act is cute when Iori sucks her thumb to numb the pain. That night, Yayoi asks Iori to help prepare dinner and asks Iori to prepare the fish. Iori is shocked to hear this. She barely cuts the fish and turns white. Iori cries and the Producer consoles her. Their island adventure will continue.




  • Iori Minase
  • Yayoi Takatsuki


  • Iori Minase
  • Yayoi Takatsuki


  • Producer