Episode 41

Anime Puchim@s
Ending Theme TODAY With ME
Air Date February 8, 2013
Previous Episode Puchim@s Episode 40: Finally, Y'know!
Next Episode Puchim@s Episode 42: I Love Ramen
Harmonius is the forty-first episode of Puchim@s which aired on February 26, 2013.

Episode PlotEdit

This episode begins somewhere in Brazil. A puchidol that looks like Takane Shijou looks up and says "Shijou." Then Takane herself looks down and says "Shijou." Both of them were looking at each other and say "Shijou" With Miurasa saying "Ohmy." and the Takane puchidol says "Shijou, shijou". Later, Takane returns to 765Pro with the new puchidol. She greets Chihaya Kisaragi and her puchidol greets her as well. Chihaya wonders if the Takane puchidol she's holding is a new one. Takane herself just giggles and tells her to take care of the Takane puchidol, but Chihaya tells her to please take a seat. Latter, the Producer calls Ritsuko Akizuki and tells her that Takane found another puchidol. As Ritsuko yells through the phone it gets her glasses and hair. Ritsuko herself asks if he is serious. The Producer tells her not to blame him as she just brought it here. Ritsuko then asks what the name of the new puchidol is and the Producer asks the same question to the puchidol. The Takane puchidol then pulls out a piece of paper and a pen and writes down the word "Takanya". The Producer deduces that she knows how to write, and Takanya confirms it. Later, Chihaya, who has Chihya on her head, says she understands the situation but says she can't take care of her as she has her hands full with Chihya. Takane is disapponted and becomes dramatic, saying she is sad to hear it but she supposes it is the way of fate. Chihaya tries to get her back to reality. Takane, who has Miurasan on her head, says she is famished so she must be going. As she was about to clap her hands, Miurasan says "Standby." Takane then claps her hands and Miurasan warps both her and Takane. Chihaya is just surprised. Chihaya then turns to the audience and asks "What did she come here for?".



  • Takane Shijou
  • Chihaya Kisaragi


  • Takanya
  • Chihya
  • Miurasan


  • Producer


  • Takanya

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