Episode 55

Anime Puchim@s
Ending Theme Maybe TOMORROW
Air Date March 18, 2013
Previous Episode Puchim@s Episode 54: In Real Trouble Now!
Next Episode Puchim@s Episode 56: Vacation!?
Heave-ho! is the fifty-fifth episode of Puchim@s which aired on March 18, 2013.

Episode PlotEdit

This episode begins with a recap of the previous one. Ritsuko Akizuki's next stop was India. While Ritsuko and Miurasan were enjoying some of the local delicacies, Ritsuko wonders... How in the world are they going to move a giant Harukasan. Suddenly the giant Harukasan says something. Ritsuko wonders if it wants some curry. She gives in and agives some to her, however, she gobbled the curry and nearly gobbled Ritsuko, who is struggling to get out. Their next stop was Egypt. When Ritsuko asks where the next Harukasan is, Miurasan points to her location. The next Harukasan... was on top of a pyramid. Ritsuko gets another scary look and asks if they have to climb up there. The narrator says that Ritsuko got her using Miurasan's warping ability. Their next stop was the mid-western United States where Ritsuko was chasing the Harukasan in a classic Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote style. Ritsuko tells it to quit running away, but it wouldn't listen. The Harukasan was too fast and sprinted off. Tired Ritsuko asks if there was a better way and soon notices a horse. Soon, Ritsuko arrived to where the Harukasan was resting and she noticed that she was about to rangle her up. Their last stop was somewhere in the Amazon. Chibiki tagged along and Ritsuko said Thanks for the help. Suddenly, another giant Harukasan appeared. Thankfully for Ritsuko this was the last of them. Ritsuko and Miurasan get on the head of the giant Harukasan and told Chibiki to get on soon. With that, Ritsuko, Miurasan and Chibiki head home with all the Harukasans.



  • Ritsuko Akizuki


  • Miurasan
  • Harukasan
  • Chibiki

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