Ritsuko Akizuki

Ritsuko Puchimas

Game Idolm@ster
Debut Episode Puchim@s Episode 1: Tiny Puchidols
Birthday June 23
Age 18
Weight 43kg
Height 156cm
Occupation Idol/Manager
Corresponding Puchidol Chicchan
Adopted Puchidol Chicchan
Japanese Voice Actor Naomi Wakabayashi

Ritsuko Akizuki Is an idol/producer who works at 765pro who appeared in this series in Puchim@s Episode 1: Tiny Puchidols. She is often seen as short-tempered and scary, and often scolds the idols for slacking off. Her Puchidol is Chicchan.


Ritsuko tells the Producer that they can't keep Yukipo and Afu as they don't have the time or budget to take care of them.